Monday, August 10, 2009

What is up with me?

I vowed in April to start blogging more regularly. You see how well I've done. Later on tonight I am going to do a post complete with pictures. BUT, for now, I will just ask your forgiveness for breaking my vow and let you know that I have much to share. Come back later.

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Terri said...

Hi Kristi! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today! It was nice to meet you, too!! Wasn't that such a fun afternoon? I was so blessed to meet everyone.

I am LOL at your laundry post! How are your new washer & dryer working out? Is it getting better? Flylady suggests doing a load a day. I can't do that. But what works for me is keeping everyone's dirty laundy in their room. My laundry room is toooooo small to hold laundry!

Each child has a basket for dirty clothes in their closet. We have a laundry sorter in ours. I do my kids' laundry 1x a week. I have them bring their baskets downstairs, and then have *them* sort it into two piles: lights and darks. (My 6 year old has been doing this since he was 4.) I can usually get away with one load of each. But in the winter, my kids layer their clothes and then I end up with 3 loads a week for the kids. (But I don't have the super-duper-fancy washer & dryer, either!)

I fold the laundry as it comes out... either all across the living room, or upstairs on my king bed. Once all 2-3 loads are done, I have the kids come and retrieve their laundry to put away. I usually put my 6yo son's away for him.

I do my and my husband's clothes on another day. Again, it is usually two loads. And then on a third day, I might do another load of our clothes, and then towels and other odds and ends.

I usually feel pretty caught up. But I am not looking at the dirty laundry all the time, either. And I fold it and put it away asap. My oldest son (12.5) couldn't keep his clothes neat... so now we hang every one of his shirts. That works better for him.

And I am with you! We often wear pants & jeans more than once. Towels hang up to dry, then are reused. Pj's also don't get chenged everyday. And the underwear that goes on after a bath is definitely worn the next day!

Again, great to meet you! I don't remember where you live, though. I am in Waxhaw/South Charlotte. Blessings!!!