Friday, May 8, 2015

I am doing a Fuel Cycle and . . . FP Waffles!!!

As some of you may know, we have been on THM since July 29, 2013.  We slimmed down pretty quickly with no exercise which was very encouraging.  We also starting feeling better within the first week.  No acid reflux, joint pain, fatigue, etc.  Then in January, we felt like we were finally able to add exercise.  It was very hard at first but we made it a lifestyle change.  Just like we will never go back to eating foods that act as a poison to us, we will never stop having a lifestyle that includes physical fitness and regular exercise.

I had no clue what my goal weight should be but, I figured I would just see how things progressed and figure it out as I got closer.  Well, I am much heavier than I look.  By May of 2014, I had shrunk from a tight 16 ( I refused to shop in the plus size department.  Like that meant I wasn't plus size!  I was squeezing my fat body into the top "regular" sized clothes and trying to convince myself that I was not as big as I was.) down to a comfortable 4 . . . even in designer labels!  How could this be?  I was at my wedding weight (150 pounds at 5'4") but, I had never been a 4 before!  By October of 2014, I had hit my lowest weight or 139 pounds.  I wear a size 4 (a 2 in some clothes).  I have toned up but, according to the BMI charts, I am just into the healthy range.  That is a win but, it makes me feel like my weight is still high for my height.  However, how much smaller can I get?  Now I just focus on fitness goals.  If my weight goes up, then the number goes up!  But I know I am healthier and building muscle so weight is just a number. But, it took me a long time to be good with this idea. 

Once I felt like I had hit my goal size/weight, I started to allow myself to have healthy crossover meals every once in a while to maintain where I was and since I was exercising, they were not affecting my weight at all.  BUT . . . I got comfortable with healthy crossovers and even though I was still exercising, I was doing more of them than I should.  So I decided to reboot myself and do a fuel cycle to get things back on track.

I love S meals and do them more than E meals.  I am one of those that finds that E meals leave me starving an hour later and 2 pounds heavier the next day.  I do not do E meals but, I will do E snacks about once a day.  It is usually a smoothie, shake or fruit and protein.  We also do not eat grains for health reasons so E meals and snacks are more difficult for me.  But I still get those E snacks in for a change of fuel.  Some times I will just make a light S meal a crossover to get some healthy carbs in.

I just finished up the first 3 days which are Deep S days.  It was harder than I thought it would be.  I didn't realize how much I relied on dairy and nuts and seeds.  BUT I was deliberate and diligent to make sure I was eating enough and getting enough protein and really making sure to load on the healthy fats.  This morning was my first FP day.  It felt good to have a waffle this morning!  LOL!  It was really good.  I used this recipe but, I left out the coconut oil and used the THM brand baking blend and added some butterscotch extract to the batter.

I also don't really like syrup so I made a topping of frozen strawberries, cream cheese and xylitol and blended it until smooth and used it as a dipping sauce.  The cream cheese was why I left the coconut oil out of the waffle.  It was so good and so worth it and it fell under the confines of FP. I also measured it out so I wouldn't go over on fats.  SO GOOD!  Here is a picture of my breakfast!  YUM!

For my snack after my workout, I had a shake made with:
1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk
70 grams frozen berry medley
2 TBSP xylitol
Splash of vanilla
Pinch of salt
1/2 tsp gluccie
1 scoop of THM approved Vanilla Whey Isolate
Handful of ice cubes

It was super good!  I will update again at the end of the Fuel Cycle and let you know my progress.