Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Silly Pirates

Now that it is finally cool enough to play outside without the risk of heat stroke, we have been taking afternoon trips to the park. Sometimes we pack dinner in the cooler and Michael meets us after work for a picnic. I am hoping fall lasts at least a month. You never know here in the south. It could be in the low sixties and breezy one day and ninety and humid the next.
Anyway, we went to the park the other day and I took these pictures of the boys pretending to be pirates and making silly faces.

This was their attempt at an action shot. It is the most posed action shot in history. I think Judah was walking the plank and Caleb was making sure that he would actually walk the plank by holding a cork pop gun on him. Jeremy was the lookout guy. Doesn't Judah look pleased to walk the plank? They make me laugh.

My cutie pies . . . and, YES, I know they need haircuts. After we left the park, we went out for burgers and then for haircuts.

Judah is always wanting to make silly faces for the camera. He's too cute.

The park has this really cool thing that you crank like 6 times and after you hear a bubbling noise, you talk into it and then it repeats what you say. In true boy fashion, Jeremy was having the machine repeat all sorts of bodily noises back to him and then laughing as though there was nothing funnier in the world.

And here's my oldest angel. Soon he won't be interested in going to the park and playing pirates. That makes me sad.

We have alot of projects going on at home. I am hoping to show all of you my new fireplace wall. It has taken alot of spackle and paint but it looks good enough to eat. You'll see what I mean.


chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

what a fun day. we need to do that soon.

Jennifer P. said...

Well first of all---thank you so much for the visit and the sweet comment! I appreciated it!

Next--what a great park! I have never heard of anything like your "repeater"--though I'm sure my kids would LOVE it! Seeing all your boys alone at the park like that makes me long for homeschooling again. I just keep telling myself : "it's only this year, it's only this one year..." But I still miss it! EVERY DAY :)!

I hope you continue to have gorgeous Fall weather!

All the best to you,
~Jennifer P.