Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My New Drug of Choice

This has nothing to do with homeschooling or decorating or anything except that I have to tell all of you about my new drug of choice. I love to browse the organic section of the grocery store and last Thursday I found it:
Good Earth Organic White Tea with Sweet Citrus
It makes the most delicious iced tea. It has orange peel and lemon grass in it as well as some spearmint. It is quite possibly the perfect cup of tea. I even staged a pretty picture for you with a table cloth and my Princess House crystal pitcher and iced tea glass. SEE!!!

You must try it. Caleb said it was "Delectable". Jeremy said it was "the most delicious cup of sweet tea he has ever had". I just plain LOVE it. If you live near a Food Lion, They had it for $3 a box.

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Blissful Nikki said...

this looks really good! I love all kinds of tea, so I just might go look for some of this! :) Thanks for the heads up!