Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to Life

I know, I know . . . it has been a whole month since my last post. Call me a slacker but, I just couldn't find the time to blog the past 30 days. First there was the kids Christmas play, then there was all the baking and finishing the presents that I made (most everyone got a scarf this Christmas). Then there was the task of getting the house ready for 5 extra people over the holiday. I love the holidays and I love having people over but I know that I burden my perfectionist self with unnecessary work. Then we had to recover from the Christmas and the aftermath of 3 boys getting everything they wanted from all of their wonderful grandparents. My tree is still up! I hate taking the Christmas decor down. It saddens me a little. It is so warm and festive with all the lights and when you take it down, I want to cry. The house almost gets a chilly feeling. We are taking everything down this weekend.
After much prayer and wrestling, we decided to put Jeremy in school. He was just not doing what I needed him to do here at home. I picked him up on Monday after his first day and he said that he had a boring day and wanted to be homeschooled again. I laughed and said, "Sorry, Buddy. You had your chance to do what I asked you to do and you refused. You are going to finish out the year here and then we'll see about next year." He seemed OK until we got home and he had to write out his spelling words 2 times. He cried for 2 hours as he wrote the words. Last night was better but he also had math and reading homework. He cried but it was less and he did very well. Strong willed middle child = Jeremy. The good news is that he cheerfully gets up and ready for school and seems happy to be there when I drop him off. Yesterday, he told me that he told the teacher that he was not going to give up. He's so cute. My only concern is that since school started, he has taken to sleeping in the bed with me. Michael's on call so he's sleeping on the couch so the pager doesn't wake me. When Jeremy said that he wanted to fall asleep in my bed and then Daddy could carry him to his bed, I said OK because he had just had his first experience with school and had a hard day. Last night, he snuck into the bed at some point. I hope he doesn't feel like I am trying to get rid of him or that I don't love him as much as his brothers. I don't want him to think that I am discarding him. I just think that he listens better to other adults sometimes than he does with me. I didn't want him to fall behind academically either.
Anyway, I'll keep you updated as to Jeremy's school progress as time goes by. Judah is still loving pre-k and Caleb is home with me. He is loving the quiet and the ability to get things done without distraction. The only thing that I am not liking is having to be at the school to pick them up at a certain time. I HATE school bus traffic!!!
I will try to get some pictures together from the holidays and post them later (probably tomorrow).

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